Thursday, July 9, 2015

Important parts of an essay

Abstract. This is a proceeding in rhetoric and in a text that is relatively extended but that may help a great deal. This allows listing the elements you will talk about. Below are some examples:

This essay contains, first, several introductory chapters. Then, there are three “great aspects” related to poverty. They are organized as follows: the international aspect, which describes the unequal distribution of the World production; the social aspect, which deals with the inadequate distribution of the National Product; and the economic aspect, which indicated the errors while suggesting solutions in the contemporary mechanisms of production. Finally, the conclusion, attempts to give meaning to Man’s economic efforts. (J. Figueres. The Poverty of Nations).

This deals with my childhood memories: the landscape, things and people of Costa Rica and my youth in San José. This showcases a certain degree of intimacy, which is part of remembrance. The pronoun “you” collaborates in this narration, as well as other words and many other people. (L. Ferrero. The tree of memories).

The abstract or the mentioning of the topics or points that are being dealt with in the essay allows for comprehension and easy following of the exposing text.

Development. Each of the points mentioned in the abstract will be developed in their own order. For example, in the essay “The island we have become” by I. F. Azofeifa (1979) includes three main components: the Costa Rican geography, the national character and the historical process.

Recapitulation. In rhetoric, recapitulation is a summary or concise statement or enumeration of the principal points or facts in a preceding discourse, argument, or essay. It could also be done in the conclusion, but perhaps it is most effective when done at the end of a writing in order to highlight the points discussed. Here are some recapitulations:

May these very boring notes be a reminder in order to remember in our way, that we always had a carnival, even if crazy, unlike the Europeans we do not have a mask. The real difference with the Europeans is that they would become all pious by drawing a cross on their forehead and get ready to begin the Holy week. (M.A. Jiménez 1979).

In summary: there may be particles falling in black holes and successively disappearing from our region of the universe. These particles travel to small universes separate from our own. It is possible that these universes retake part at some other point. Perhaps they aren’t of much help to space travelers, but their presence means that we are able to predict less than what we expected, even if we found the theory complete unification (…) in the last few years, several researchers have begun studying these little universes. I don’t think anyone will become rich by copyrighting these or making money by selling space travel, but it has become a very interesting field of research. (Stephen Hawking 1994).


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