Saturday, June 13, 2015

The chronological vs comparative order of an essay

The chronological order has characteristic links to help the text place itself in time, for instance words such as: initially, later, then, finally, immediately, the former, the latter, in the beginning, at the end, following, etc…

On the other hand, comparative order is the process dealing with a piece of information and seeing their similarities or differences. An essay then becomes a manifestation of reasoning. The following text is an example:

Stubborn and smart like any mountaineer; educated but shy; hardworking but not steady, seeking for an easy project to put his efforts; a selfish farmer, but kind yet firm, lives here in a village, which isn’t poor neither rich; he is no warrior but neither is he submissive. He is not a servant nor a rebel; a rebel without a war for independence; liberated from Spanish colonialism, as he arrived to Guatemala in October 1821, people told him that from September 15 they were free…A village without heroes, and if it did have some, it would destroy or forget them, which is yet another way of destruction. (I.F. Azofeifa 1979).

 The comparative order is reinforced in the text thanks to links such as: on the other hand, then again, in opposition to, different than, nevertheless, etc…

On the other hand, what is called cause-effect is a way of organizing a text by mentioning the reasons and consequences of such a situation. Below is an example:
Nowadays, man is not submitted to selection. That is why, natural selection will not impede the cumulous of genetic mutations, since human beings are intervening in this aspect, and allowing other beings to survive when in other conditions they wouldn’t have been able to survive or reproduce, or in other terms could have genetic limitations. This means that human beings have seen their genes weaken or mutated in a negative way through the years. By not having eliminated these bad genes, the future of our civilization could be weaker and unhealthy in comparison. (J. Jaramillo 1992).

The cause-effect order is evident thanks to the use of these links: therefore, consequently, due to, thanks to, for this reason, as a result, etc…
By using these link will permit to illustrate and better relate ideas. However, you must use these when necessary so as not to load the text with too many figures of speech.


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  7. I think it totally depends on the subject and the writer which writing order is better. Personally i suggest chronological order.

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