Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Coming up with an essay design

In literature, the design is described as the disposition the author has in deciding what sort of information to include in a text. And this is product of his/her creativity. The design of an essay could be, for example, the decision to start by having a general scheme, and then including the arguments; presenting detailed data and then proceed with a rapid resolution: developing one by one each part of the scheme, etc…

The way a writer exposes his/her ideas in a text is a personal choice. For this reason, it is truly unnecessary to make any type of suggestion regarding this matter. Nevertheless, proposing a guide for didactic literature could be proven useful.

This guide is taken from the organization design used in classic discourse, the use of persuasive language, similar to modern journalism, which is the expression of contemporary common sense.  The following is an applicable structure used in essay writing.

Motivation. No discourse would be listened to or read if the receptor didn’t feel motivated hear or read it. Classical rhetoric sustained the need to work on the audience’s soul and win over their benevolence with the help of the initial section called exordium. Modern journalism proposes this by making a striking introduction, which immediately grabs people’s attention. The essay may benefit from both of these introductory points. Below are some examples:

The refreshing rain wets the soil and the sun warms and dries, they both contribute to the renewal of life. Great spirits, whether optimist or tormented, even if they are opponents, form a web of knowledge so useful in the intellectual development of what occurs, just as how useful water and sun are to life. (C. Picado T. “Pasteur and Metchnikoff”).

I was invited to the beach. I accepted with pleasure. I had finished the school load, felt tired and needed to relax. To me, this means doing the opposite of what I do when I “work”, I bought twenty police novels and went out to the beach. (C. Láscaris. “Fishing with siesta”).

Frequently, the role of grabbing the reader’s attention is done through the citation of a text. This is called epigraph, and it is located and highlighted on the superior part of the text, after the title.


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