Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Writing process

Having drawn up a scheme and a design for the essay, and having noted all the free-association and improvisations, then you may begin the writing process. It is normal to write a first draft and then successively work on it. The result, may take a day or a lot more, generally working on it several times and coming up with different drafts until reaching the final piece.

It is common to make mistakes, so you will need to modify, correct, eliminate, develop, etc… Accept the text for what it is and deal with the fact that is might not be perfect, that you might need to let go of big chunks of text that just don’t work and perhaps need to rewrite new fragments if needed.

In the following explanation, you will find specific resources to help you with writing.

1.1  The order of information

The order is the criterion by which the information of a text is classified. In writing, the order of an essay could be the following: chronologic, cause-effect, comparative.

The chronological order allows presenting information according to the criterion of time. In this manner of organization, the most common is to start by naming historical events, innovations, produce/manufacturing/industrial/agricultural processes during a particular time. For example:

In the beginning, man harvested without planting seeds. He ate the fruits of the sea and of the land. The right to property didn’t exist. There was only the instinct of having a cave. When the free nutrients and foods became scarce, man started to work. He planted and harvested for him and his family, and that is how agriculture was born. And so did property. Soon enough, the hunter had more meat to eat, and the farmer more vegetables and fruits. There was an exchange for these, and also a dependency. With time, the primitive man decided to farm the lands and produce more and more, or to hunt for meat more and more. They all exchanged their products for grains, for skins, furs, arrows, ornaments and many other diverse products. They had established commerce. (J. Figueres 1973).


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