Thursday, June 11, 2015


Writings on very diverse topics are called “essays”. These deal with matters such as, history, science, philosophy, politics, etc.

In the first section, I have gathered seventeen essays on very diverse topics regarding popular sciences. Some are narratives; some are in the form of anecdotes, others as lessons/courses written for younger generations. (R. Zeledon. Essays and Scientific Ideas).

In this book, we explain the History of Guatemala using methodological principles that have been applied for the first time in our developmental study (s. Martinez. The Homeland of the Creole).

This essay explores the conception of the oniric life in the philosophy of Descartes (particularly in Meditations on First Philosophy) within the theoretical perspective of phenomenology (from Sartre’s philosophy and other phenomenological and anthropological works by Dieter Wyss). (A. Zamora. The Cogito also rings).

This essay attempts in organizing my worries along the years, as exposed in numerous articles and conferences presented in Costa Rica and abroad (Jose Figueres. The poverty of nations).

Aside from the already mentioned themes, there exist other traits that show differences among texts known as essays: the length of a piece varies from a few pages to a few hundred of them. The stringency of approaches goes from the impressionist analysis to the detailed conceptual frame; the communication mean can be a newspaper or even a very large and voluminous book, but could also be done as conference presentations or thesis/dissertation works.


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