Tuesday, June 9, 2015



1.    THINK of the main idea you wish to elaborate. If possible, do some research regarding this topic, going through what is general knowledge and what is specific: begin by using the dictionary or encyclopedia, then skim through specified books and articles…if you are using the internet, make sure to have reliable sources, not all websites offer correct information.

If you don’t have time (for instance, if you are taking an exam), DISCARD all evident approximations and SEARCH for originality, always.

2.    OUTLINE the order of your argumentation, and think about all the arguments that will sustain your thesis. CHOOSE which will be the most suitable way to present them (by confronting ideas, syllogisms, by having clear authoritative and similar examples…). KEEP your best argument for the end, and use it right before presenting your thesis.

3.    KEEP IN MIND that you shouldn’t use other’s opinions for you to come with your own. USE ONLY arguments that will help you argue/sustain your THESIS.

-Avoid using weak and not evident arguments.

-Do not invent information.
1. Don’t think that by having good intentions you will convince people.

4.    MAKE SURE you know that your mission is to PERSUADE or PROVE a point, not just writing a proper text.

5.    ORGANIZE your writing in the following order:

-  PRESENT YOUR IDEA (not your thesis), and SETTLE ON what the essay with deal with. Try to make it attractive or hook the reader from the very beginning.

-  PRESENTING YOUR THESIS (optional, as you may present your thesis at the conclusion)
-  Use an ARGUMENTATIVE DEVICE (Make use of at least three different types of arguments, don’t repeat the same argument over and over again).  Just remember: LEAVE your best argument for the end, and use it right before the conclusion or when presenting your thesis.

-  CONCLUSION AND THESIS. Attention: The conclusion must come from what have been mentioned earlier: do not come up with a conclusion without first linking it to all that you have written. DON’T INCLUDE A NEW ARGUMENT IN THIS CONCLUSION: this will completely divert and weaken your writing.


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