Monday, June 15, 2015


- Do not use the typical beginnings of a sentence: In today's world, In our day and age, in our society, etc… Begin by using a "hook": from a personal experience, an anecdote, recent news, an unusual event… something that will GRAB the reader’s attention. Generally, you might want to avoid common sense or widely accepted ideas, unless you want to argue against them. For example, “Everyone knows that environmental concerns are a huge problem”, this is a very weak beginning. It will be better if you write, “My neighbor takes out three bags of garbage every day”, (this is just an idea…don’t all use the same!).

- NEVER use the SECOND PERSON (YOU) when being impersonal: This is a COLLOQUIAL FEATURE not recommended when writing in an objective and formal manner (When you go to this place, you find that….Instead, write as follows: As attending this location, there appears to be…Or, when someone goes to this site, there is...etc). You must make it impersonal.

- Don’t use "etc." in order to stop the writing. Only use this when you do not wish to elaborate something that seems evident or obvious.

- Don’t over write; don’t make your text too wordy and complex. Make sure it’s clear and straightforward.

- Don’t fall into colloquialisms, or inaccurate information: Incorrect syntax, lexical or spelling will disrupt the reader and defocus his/her reading.


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