Friday, June 19, 2015


- TRY to link parts of the text by using LINKING or TRANSITIONAL words: Therefore, Thus, On the other hand, On the contrary. Don’t over used words such as "But", “Even though” or "However", these tend to be over used, always vary your linking or transition words as much as you can.

- Don't repeat words, expressions or syntactic structures. It becomes redundant and distracts the reader.

- Don’t over use the term "society", especially if you are referring to something so obvious to our environment, or the residents of a country or any particular location. "Society" becomes a senseless word, removing its “color” and essence. This is obvious in school texts where the use of this word becomes overly redundant and boring.

- Don’t conclude a text by imposing or by asking people to have a good conscience. It’s about convincing others not preaching others…

- Make sure the last sentence of the text has a “punch” or particular stress on the topic. May it be a conclusion in a sentence, or a verse, or a rhetorical question…but always end the text, don’t leave it “wide open”.

- ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK the writing. Proofread and revise the writing. If you are writing this during an exam, make sure to leave time for this crucial part. Don’t leave chunks of text for the end try to write everything properly from the very beginning, this will save you time and effort.


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