Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to write an essay

Essay writing is a literary form in which an author explains his/her thoughts regarding a specific topic. You must use most of your reasoning skills in order to come up with proper written work.

In other words, in order to write an essay, you will have to answer some issues related to critical thinking, these issues might not appear on your essay but many of the answers will.

Try to use these questions/issues as a guide, and avoid using them as an inflexible pattern. Make use of those issues that will allow you to reach objectives, those providing you with support and clarity while reaching your work goals, as well as, those allowing you to develop critical thinking reasoning skills.

1.      Learning about the topic
2.      Drawing up a list of all the concepts, you wish to include while sorting them in a logical manner.
An essay consists of three main parts: introduction, body of content/ explanation of main ideas and the conclusion(s).

The introduction informs the reader by;
Exposing and placing the problem/issue in regards to the topic, which will be argued for or against. The first step in the introduction consists in coming up with ideas on a particular question, and not focusing on a broad topic. You must therefore frame and focus on a topic, by organizing it in regards to a particular perspective through the answering of a series of questions.

The introduction shouldn’t be longer than a paragraph,  (two at most), which should contain the following parts:
• Firstly, a brief introduction to the topic.
• Followed by the thesis. This will contain the interpretative implications to the question, as well as the order of the entire essay.

In the body of content/ explanation, you will develop all the aspects indicated on your introduction. You will showcase the arguments for or against that will allow you to substantiate a final conclusion. Generally, each main argument will take at least one paragraph in an essay.

The conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay, and it must recap all the ideas that you presented on your thesis in the introduction. During the conclusion, an inverted formula of that used in the introduction occurs: You will start by writing a short summary of the essay, and then finish with a well thought sentence which grabs the reader’s attention regarding the main points in this article/essay. This last sentence ought to reflect the way you approached the topic on your essay, but also aiding to place your main idea in a broader context. 


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