Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The following advice comes from observations while preparing excellently written essays. These may not be intended for professional writers or experienced researchers as these writers may already have their own strategies/techniques, and perhaps their own particular needs when it comes to writing. It is intended for students who wish to elaborate essays in order to evaluate, explore the possibilities of this genre or to communicate in a different manner the possible contents.

Coming up with a purpose

In any written work, you will start with clear determination and purpose.  This requisite permits us to know what is needed while writing an essay or seek any other piece of writing useful in research. It helps us focus on what should be dealt with, what resources to apply, etc… It is very common for authors to state their intention on the first few paragraphs of their work:

In the following pages, we will attempt to describe in general terms the work of physicists, corresponding to their pure meditation as researchers. (A. Einstein 1943)

In these following pages, we suggest as an introduction the pedagogy of the oppressed, being the results of our findings during these three years in exile. (P. Freire 197?)

This book deals with the main theme of our times: the domination and liberation of men and nations. Which is also a radical theme in human existence, and that is why it becomes the basic idea of the history of man. (S. Salazar 1977).

In brief texts, such as newspaper essays/articles or literary essays, the intention or purpose is not often explicit. However, it is indispensable for some to have a purpose in order to take the first step.


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