Saturday, June 13, 2015

The draft of an essay

The majority of essays become approximations or even initial sketches of what is truly being presented. Some examples below:

Even though I am conscious of my limitations, I wanted to provide the readers with a lived experience, or rather an intimate interpretation of the narrated events, seeking to link materialism with spiritualism, and the origin of our being to that of the beginning of great ideas (J. Jaramillo. The Human Adventure).

These essays – intended for educators, students of education and anyone interested in this topic – aim to contribute in the discussion and analysis of our educational system, as an indispensable step in order to improve it. (H. Perez. Essays on Education).

In the following pages, we propose an extensive description of the physical labors done by researchers, describing their meditation and thought process. We will mainly deal with the role of thoughts and ideas in the adventurous search for knowledge in the physical world. (A. Einstein, Ideas and Opinions).

Throwing sentences here and there, as separate parts of a same ensemble, unlinked, not following a plan or scheme. Therefore, don’t expect me to do it or that I focus on this project. I work when I want, and I give in to doubt and uncertainty, and to my usual ways that is ignorance (M. de Montaigne, Essays).

The certainty of these types of materials, regardless of the traditional modesty of the authors, constitutes one of the main resources of our modern culture. Through them we are able to debate the most influential ideas, we get to know the latest scientific advancements, we form our opinions, we come up with a productive discrepancy. In addition, what we have seen is that the most conspicuous scientist tends to abandon the rigorous proceedings of communication in his discipline, and takes the tool of essay writing in an attempt to analyze the object of study in a different manner.


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